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- 2024.07.12 -
Selected BetsResultInfoOdds
19:00 Sarpsborg 08 - Rosenborg
Tip: 2.5 Over (Goals)
  1Free 1.43
20:45 Bohemians - Sligo Rovers
Tip: 2.5 Over (Goals)
  1Free 1.80
- 2024.07.09 -
Selected BetsResultInfoOdds
20:00 UE Santa Coloma (And) - FC Ballkani (Kos)
Tip: 2.5 Under (Goals)
1:2 1Free 1.90
20:00 TNS (Wal) - Decic (Mne)
Tip: 2.5 Over (Goals)
3:0 1Free 1.50
- 2024.07.04 -
Selected BetsResultInfoOdds
18:00 OTP - TP-47
Tip: 3.5 Over (Goals)
1:6 1Free 1.95
19:30 Klaksvik - B36 Torshavn
Tip: 2.5 Over (Goals)
4:2 1Free 1.52
20:00 Thor Akureyri - Grotta
Tip: 2.5 Over (Goals)
3:1 1Free 1.43
- 2024.07.03 -
Selected BetsResultInfoOdds
17:30 JBK – Narpes Kraft
Tip: 3 Over (Asian Goals)
2:4 1Free 1.61
21:30 Vikingur Reykjavik - Stjarnan
Tip: 3 Over (Asian Goals)
1:1 1Free 1.55
- 2024.07.01 -
Selected BetsResultInfoOdds
18:00 France - Belgium
Tip: France Win (FullTime)
1:0 1Free 1.95
18:00 FK Liepaja - RFS
Tip: 3.5 Over (Goals)
1:3 1Free 1.85
- 2024.06.30 -
Selected BetsResultInfoOdds
16:00 Sollentuna - Stocksund
Tip: 2.5 Over (Goals)
2:3 1Free 1.40
21:15 Throttur - Grindavik
Tip: 2.5 Over (Goals)
1:0 1Free 1.40
21:15 Vikingur Reykjavik - Fram
Tip: 2.5 Over (Goals)
2:1 1Free 1.40
- 2024.06.28 -
Selected BetsResultInfoOdds
17:30 JaPS - KaPa
Tip: 2.5 Over (Goals)
2:2 1Free 1.48
18:00 Atlantis 2 - Kiffen
Tip: 2.5 Over (Goals)
1:0 1Free 1.40
19:00 Sarpsborg 08 - Bodo/Glimt
Tip: 2.5 Over (Goals)
1:2 1Free 1.50
21:15 Hafnarfjordur - Breidablik
Tip: 2.5 Over (Goals)
1:0 1Free 1.49

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